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Streamline your operations with 30+ tools & solutions

Product Research

  • Avoid saturated markets
  • Gauge consumer demand
  • Rise above the competition

Keyword Research

  • Improve your rankings
  • Craft better product pages and campaigns
  • Establish a strong brand

Listing Optimization

  • Boost traffic
  • Maximize SEO potential
  • Increase conversion rate


  • Receive owed reimbursements
  • Increase your review count
  • Protect against hijackers


  • Analyze your marketplace
  • Fight off the competition
  • Receive insights that matter


  • Increase outside traffic
  • Run Amazon PPC Ads
  • Achieve your growth potential

Plans & Pricing

Powerful plans for every stage of your seller journey


$229 / mo

(Billed annually)

All features of the Platinum plans

5 User access

Connect 5 seller accounts

Track 2,500 keywords

200 products alerts



$79 / mo

(Billed annually)

All features of the Starter plan

Full access to all Helium 10 product research tools

Unlimited access to Cerebro and Magnet

5000 emails Follow-up

20 Products Alerts


$29 / mo

(Billed annually)

Unlimited use of Xray

Limited usage of Cerebro, Magnet, Black Box, and Inventory Management

Can track 1 Amazon marketplace

1 user access

Connect 2 seller accounts

Helium 10 Reviews

See what our community of 2+ million sellers has to say

“Easy to use and the outgoing training is first class. Sales are 20% up on last year due to Helium 10. No cons with the software set up and use is so easy.”

– Olivia P.

“Bradley and the team just have a way of making you want to be a part of this family. The product itself is the best on the market…and the training videos are soft and easy to follow.”

Ethan G.

“The best thing I got out of H10: it saved a lot of time for me. Having everything available on one screen is super productive. H10 keeps a record of your history, which helps to monitor changes…”

Noah U.

“Researching Amazon products and gaining knowledge about your competition is the biggest challenge of any business. Helium10 makes that content absolutely every-day knowledge.”

– Emma S.

Helium 10 Academy

Learn From Expert Instructors

Learn our tools from the people who know them best. The Helium 10 Product Managers and experts break down every tool in a series of easy-to-follow video lessons. Learn the technical functions of a tool, what tools are best equipped for the specific processes of selling on Amazon, and how to integrate our tools with your overall business strategy.

Go At Your Own Pace

Control your learning by choosing what pace you want to go at. Binge all the Product Research lessons at once, or take one at a time to soak in and reflect. Watch the same training over and over, skip the ones not relevant to your goals – you control the learning.

Serious Sellers Podcast

Learn How To Sell On Amazon FBA & Walmart

Are you an Amazon FBA, Walmart, or Ecommerce Seller, or someone interested in becoming one? The Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10 is an unscripted, unrehearsed, BS-free, organic conversation between host Bradley Sutton, and real life sellers and thought leaders in the ecommerce world, where they share the top strategies that will help sellers of all levels succeed. In addition, every week there is an episode of the ”Weekly Buzz” which gives a rundown of the latest news in the Ecommerce world.

Amazon Seller Forums

Collective Knowledge From the Community

Take advantage of the vast collective knowledge of the online Amazon community and Amazon seller forums to gain valuable e-commerce insights and improve your own FBA business.

Online Forums

YouTube Channels

Amazon Conventions & Meetups

Facebook Groups


Advanced Seller Masterminds

Drive Results with the Powerful Tools

Save Valuable Time, Save Money, and Sell Smarter with Helium 10

Product Research

Find your first winning product today with our product research tools. Scan across Amazon’s 2 billion product database with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. Once you’ve validated a product category, use Black Box to narrow down your product search to find that niche product loaded with sales potential.  

Keyword Research

Our powerful keyword research tools help you get the most traffic pulling juice out of every keyword. Magnet finds the most relevant, high volume keywords to maximize organic traffic and skyrocket sales. Cerebro is a reverse ASIN tool that pulls all the keywords your competitors are currently ranking for. Use both to build a powerful listing.

Listing Optimization

Supercharge your listing for maximum sales velocity with Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Index Checker. Frankenstein creates powerful keyword phrase lists and Scribbles lets you write powerful listings with every traffic pulling keyword possible. Index Checker then monitors whether your best keywords are connected to your best keywords.

7-day Money-back Guarantee.

Helium 10 offers an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee that applies to an account’s first charge/payment only.

You will need to contact customer support to submit a refund request. Customer Support will review your request, validate eligibility, and process the refund as needed.

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